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Every sentence is made up of two main parts......the subject and the predicate.  Fatima ( subject) went to the mall (predicate).  The verb is found in the predicate.

The subject is the doer of the action and the verb is often the action word.. Paul hit the ball.


         THE ADJECTIVE:  An adjective describes a noun or pronoun.  The ball is red.


            THE ADVERB:      An adverb modifies an adjective, a verb or another adverb.  Bobby is really short.   Betty ran cautiously up the road.

Many adverbs end with "ly", like the word "cautiously".     


THE   PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE:      A "Phrase" is a group or words.     These are prepositions; about, above, across, among, around, at, behind ,before, below, beside, between, But(meaning except), down, during, except, for, from, in, like, of, off, on, over, past, since, through, to,  under, until, up, with.   Ali is in the store.   A prepositional phrase is a phrase with a preposition in well as a noun or pronoun- called  "the object"....  to the show,  around the tree, before him.      Ali is in the new store .

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CONJUNCTION:  Coordinating ;   and, or, nor ,but, yet, so, for ....this conjunction can join two sentences by using a comma also - example:  Bob went to the mall, but he did not buy anything.                                            Subordinating;   after, as ,if, as if,unless, when, while,although, before,since,                                                             until, whether, because ... this conjunction can make a dependent clause - example:  Because it is very hot in Myanmar today, we will not have class.   Although Allah (God) is good to mankind, we are often not very mindful.


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Subject verb Agreement

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